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E-filing your annual tax return can become tiresome if you end up making mistakes again and again. This means several unsuccessful attempts. Nevertheless, e-filing is the best way to file your tax returns because it lets you get the refund faster than what you can get if you mail it physically to IRS. There can be several reasons that can lead to Quicken errors (Backup or Restoring The Quicken Data File )in application. Finding out the reasons will definitely help you to understand the reasons and it will help to resolve the issues.

Mismatch of Taxpayer SSN

Any people end up entering wrong names in the form. You cannot just enter any form your name. You are supposed to provide the exact name as mentioned in your Social Security number (SSN). If you are filing a joint return the SSN should be for the primary taxpayer. Another error happens when there is a name change due to a divorce or a marriage. If you are no longer using your old surname notify Social Security Administration so that the changes can be made in the SSN. If you have not been able to affect the changes simply use the name that matches your SSN to avoid rejection.

Wrong dependent information

If you’re seeking exemptions based on your dependents provide the SSN of each of the dependents. IRS will check the details of the SSN of each of the dependents and their names should match with the information you have provided on the form.

Someone else claimed your child as Dependent

If you happen to claim someone as a dependent and the person has already been claimed as dependent in another form your application will be rejected. This can happen if your child e-filed tax returns to claim the wages (before you could claim your child as a dependent in your tax returns) that have been withheld the problem can occur or another parent, or ex-spouse or a caregiver has made claimed the child as a dependent

To avoid this situation you can ask your child if they have e-filed tax returns. If yes, then you have to mail the return. In case another person has claimed your child as dependent, ask them about the same. If the answer is in affirmative just remove your child from the lust of dependent. However if you think you are the rightful claimant, mail your tax return. IRS will decide later who has the right to seek the exemption and the wrong claimant will be penalized and made to pay the applicable taxes.

To learn more about the other Quicken errors in application and their proper solutions contact Quicken Customer Support team by dialing the toll free helpline number instantly.

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